Angelika Malinowski

Angelika Malinowski

Sustainability and Buildings - Construction can enable carbon reduced operation of buildings

Max Planck General Administration, Munich

Ms. Malinowski has been working as a graduate engineer in architecture since 1989, where she worked for the state capital Munich for many years, most recently only overseeing large and complex construction projects. In 2004 she completed additional training as a trainer / coach with the Canadian Training and Devel-opment Group. In 2015, she started her work at the Max Planck Society General Administration as a referee in building construction and then took over as head of the project management office in the area of quality management. Since July 1st, 2019, Ms. Malinowski has headed the “Construction and Infrastructure” department of the Max Plack Society. In addition to the further digitization of the construction sector, Ms. Mali-nowski has always been concerned about sustainability. As early as 2012, as part of an overall construction program for the Munich fire brigade of around € 500 million at the time, she initiated the topic of “building taking into account life cycle costs” at the Munich regional authority.

Angelika Malinowski gives together with Ariane Rauschek the talk on "Sustainability and Buildings - Construction can enable carbon reduced operation of buildings" (Tuesday, 15 June).

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