Local Events

Local Events

Events organised by local sustainability groups and presentations by network members

By members of the network on different topics:
- on the network and its activities
- on sustainability in research
- on research on sustainability, climate change and the environment

If you would like to annouce an activity, please contact us via info@susnet.mpg.de

28.02.2020 | Time: 11 am | MPI CBS Leipzig | Journal Club

Evelyn Medawar (MPI CBS) and Julian D. Rolfes ( MPI KOFO) on the paper "On the statistical mechanics of life: Schrödinger revisited" by Kate Jeffery, Robert Pollack, & Carlo Rovelli (arXiv, 2019). Reviewing arguments for human existence from a statistical and physical point of view; call-for-action for humanity to save itself. Find the talk on YouTube!

17.01.2020 | Time: 2 pm | MPI Evolutionary Biology Plön | Journal Club

Gökçe B. Ayan (Twitter: @GB_Ayan) presenting the paper by Poore et al. "Reducing food’s environmental impacts through producers and consumers" on reducing food environmental impact in their own local #ClimateEmergency Journal Club.

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