CaRe & Working groups

For 18 months the Max Planck Sustainability Network collectively worked on CaRe, a catalogue of recommendations for sustainability in the Max Planck Society, which was distributed within the MPG in January 2021.


The catalogue of recommendations (CaRe) puts forward 31 measures for a more sustainable research environment, covering a wide range of topics from various aspects of academic and work life.

Availability of the document

The document is currently only available to MPG affiliates for internal use. A generalized public version is planned, that can be widely distributed and should serve to inspire the wider research community.


Nov 2019: The MPSN has worked out a priorisation for CaRe based on a voting of the entire network.
Jan 2021: The MPSN sent the finalized CaRe to the network, the president, vice presidents and the general headquarters of the MPG.
Apr 2021: The MPSN Steering Committee had the honour to officially hand over CaRe to the president of the MPG.

Working Groups

The aim of the working groups is to pursue the implementation of the measures recommended in CaRe on a structural and local level. 

Five CaRe working groups have been established:

Including energy providers, energy management, energy consumption [more]
Business travel (e.g. Train instead of plane, CO2 compensation), virtual conferences, public transport [more]
Including packaging, sustainable food resources, information on planetary health, waste-supply cycle [more]
Topics including systematic waste management, sustainable office and lab materials [more]
Incl. sustainability reports, evaluation of impacts, organisational background of network [more]
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