Advisory Board

Providing technical advice and organisational support for the Steering Committee

The Advisory Board is a committee set up by the Sustainability Network, consisting of former members of the Steering Committee as well as additional individuals and provides technical advice and organisational support for the Steering Committee on request.

The Advisory Board elections are held after the election of the new Steering Committee. There are three types of candidates who can be appointed to the Advisory Board for three years each (according to § 6.2.2 of the statutes):

  1. Ordinary candidacy: Members of the outgoing Steering Committee who have not been re-elected may stand for election to the Advisory Board.

  2. Extraordinary candidacy: As described in § 5.2.3, the current Steering Committee may propose (with scientific justification) MPG-affiliated individuals as defined in § 4 for extraordinary admission to the Advisory Board.

  3. Re-election: After three years members of the Advisory Board can be re-elected. There are no restrictions on how often a person can be re-elected.

First members were elected at the Network Meeting on 26 & 27 May 2020.

Tanguy Fardet

Tanguy Fardet

Postdoc / Member of the French network "Labos 1point5"
Christine Gieraths

Christine Gieraths

Stabsstelle Wissenschaftssystem & Forschungspolitik, Generalverwaltung, München
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