Election of Local Chairs

Recommendation by the Steering Committee

Basic conditions

The election of the local chairs of a sustainability group must meet the following conditions:

  • Compliance with the legal and MPG-internal data protection regulations.
  • democratic
  • Employees who are affiliated with several Max Planck Institutions should decide before voting at which MPI they wish to be eligible to vote.
  • Transparent procedure (procedure comprehensible for the steering committee).
  • Announcement of the election results
    • by email to the central Election Team of the MPSN (info@susnet.mpg.de):
      • Names of persons in the local election commission (if any)
      • Name(s) of the newly elected executive committee
      • Date of assumption of office (term of office: 1 calendar year from acceptance of election)
      • Assurance of the conduct of the election in accordance with our statutes
    • Updating of the own member profile by the elected chair
    • Updating the information on the sustainability wiki (including existing sub-pages, if applicable) by the local sustainability group

Active and passive suffrage

In principle, the right ot vote for a chair and to be elected as a chair can be defined as follows (taking into account § 4 of our statutes, see above):

  1. All members of the respective institution can elect the local chair or be elected as local chair.
  2. Only members of the local sustainability groups can elect the local chair or be elected as local chair.

The steering committee of the MPSN recommends option 1, however the local sustainability group can also choose option 2.

More details

The design of the further details of the election process is also left to the sustainability groups. The steering committee of the MPSN, however, recommends:

  • Establish an electoral commission with two people who are not themselves candidates.
  • Call for election and candidature with announcement of the time and place of the election as well as a contact of the election committee at least two weeks before the election in a central place (bulletin board) or by circular email.
  • Period of at least three working days for the election
  • Electronic or analogue voting procedure
  • Anonymous voting
  • Should a Board member leave office prematurely, a new election shall be arranged. This shall also be the case if a Board member loses the affiliate status according to § 4 or leaves the represented MPI for more than 4 months.

If needed for support, the Steering Committee or the Central Election Commission of the MPSN can be contacted.

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