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MPSN Meeting 2021 (virtual)

15/16 June 2021 - Register now!

Sustainability Wiki: Intro and How-to

14 June 2021 5pm - MPSN Web Seminar with Jakob Schweizer

Research News from the Max Planck Society

Global change: a tight squeeze for African great apes

June 07, 2021

Climate change will drastically reduce the range of African great apes over the next 30 years. This was predicted by an international team ...

Urban traffic noise causes song learning deficits in birds  

May 12, 2021

Traffic noise leads to inaccuracies and delays in the development of song learning in young birds. They also suffer from a suppressed immune ...

Glyphosate inhibits symbiotic bacteria in beetles

May 11, 2021

Saw-toothed grain beetles live in a symbiotic association with bacteria. Their bacterial partners provide important building blocks for the ...

Learning from past climate changes

March 24, 2021

Climate changes throughout history, such as the Little Ice Age during the 13th to 19th centuries, are often associated with famines, crises ...

Blueprint for a fusion power plant

March 24, 2021

For 30 years, the Asdex Upgrade has been paving the way for a fusion power plant that generates climate-neutral energy. The tokamak fusion ...

Climate change threatens European Forests

February 25, 2021

In recent years, European forests have suffered greatly from extreme climate conditions and their impacts. Huge parts of Europe's forests ...

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