Poster Contributions by the Participants

In our poster session you can present projects & activities on sustainable science operations at your institutes. These can be completed or current projects, but also those that are only in planning or exist simply as an idea , e.g.

  • Waste separation
  • Garden design
  • Employee surveys
  • Planning of photovoltaic systems
  • Bike sharing systems
  • etc.

Please indicate in your registration whether you would like to present a poster. If there is more than one authors for a poster, only one participant should register the poster to avoid duplication.

Poster Format & Upload


  • prepare your poster as a "classical poster", i.e. on one single page, and in landscape format
  • export as pdf
  • Syntax of the file name: "MPSN-Meeting-2021-Poster-[N]-[Keyword].pdf".
    • [N] = number of your poster in double digits, e.g. "02", see below
    • [Keyword] = a single keyword in English from the context of your poster, e.g. "Biodiversity" or "CO2".
  • upload your poster until 13 Juni 2021 here: (simply by Drag & Drop or by clicking on the large plus (+) on the upper left corner).


The posters will be presented within our conference platform Gather.Town.

Poster 01: Sustainability Group at MPI Magdeburg

Sophia Pistoriusa, Jakob Schweizera, Andreas Voigta, Peter Schulzea, Sara Grundela, Axel vom Kampa und Laura König-Matterna

aMPI für Dynamik komplexer technischer Systeme, Magdeburg

Poster 02: CO2 Monitoring von Dienstreisen - Berechne den CO2 Fussabdruck deines Instituts mit einem python tool oder webbasiert

Jan Rybizkia

aMPI for Astronomy, Heidelberg

Poster 03: Nature photography award at Campus Martinsried - Raising awareness for biodiversity

Markus Ostera and Sabine Suppmanna

aMPI of Biochemistry; Martinsried

Poster 04: Biological diversity on the campus - creating a plant inventory with the Flora Incognita app

Martin Spitalera and Markus Ostera

aMPI of Biochemistry, Martinsried

Poster 05: Moving and cleaning up the environment: our first Plogging event

Clara Tepohla, Marilena Fernandeza und Connon Thomasa

aMax Planck Florida Institute for Neuroscience, Jupiter

Poster 06: Bringing more green to the Mülheim Chemistry Campus

Silvia Palma, Kateryna Peineckea and Isabel Schiffhorsta

aMPI for Coal Research, Mühlheim

Poster 07: The sustainability group at the MPI for Physics

Daniel Britzgera, Tim Brunsta, Jakob Ehringa, Lea Heckmanna, Thibaut Houdya, Moritz Hüttena, and Alessandro Schwemmera

aMPI for Physics, Munich

Poster 08: Wir bauen eine Stadt. An educational project in law for kids

Adolfo Giuliania

aMPI for Legal History and Legal Theory, Frankfurt am Main

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