Social Programme

Social Programme

Games and more

Join us in both coffee breaks (Tues 4.30pm and Wed 4.00pm) for some socialising fun activities! Meet us in the Garden Area in Gather.Town to join!

Kahoot Quiz

To show off with your knowledge or learn something new about the network and the CaRe document, come for a 10-15 minutes quiz to the upper right corner of the garden area and click X to interact. We will communicate the pin to start the game, once you've arrived. The winner gets a very nice prize (hint: it is shown on this website).


Get your personalized Bingo sheet hereMake sure that once the meeting is kicked-off on Tuesday at 2pm to follow through, cross out your bingo fields and be sure to be the first one to shout out "BINGO!" publicly! (Do that by unmuting yourself in the Zoom Lecture Hall, or by running to the Speaker's Desk aka Spotlight in the Lecture Hall in Gather.Town, or you can also send an email to the organizers).

The bingo fields refer to all sessions in the Lecture Hall in Zoom. 

Clothes from Bark

Charlett Wenig is a designer and PhD student at the MPI for Colloids and Interfaces.
You wonder how this fits together? Don’t miss Charlett’s presentation in Gather.Town Tuesday night. Bark is a waste product of the wood industry with traditionally little use as a raw material beside beeing incinerated as fuelfor heat or electricity production. Charlett’s research is centered around new ways to make use of this interesting material. In her PhD she seeks new methods to transform the brittle bark into a new flexible material which could potentially be used in many so far unseen ways. As Charlett is not only busy in the lab as a material scientist but also teaches as a designer, she found fascinating ways to make use of the new materials she created. Bark based fabric and fashion are only one creative way she uses bark but she also created beautiful sculptural objects demonstrating the potential of the construction materials she developed.
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