Nikolaj Brinkmann

Nikolaj Brinkmann

The Maersk Tower concept: The world’s most sustainable laboratory building?

University of Copenhagen

How to conduct medical research in a sustainable environment? Sustainability, and particularly energy efficiency, has been highly prioritised in the construction of Maersk Tower, which is built to resist future climate change. Solutions to sustainability challenges have been integrated into the design and construction of the building in a number of ways. One example is how rainwater is collected to make full use of it and to show consideration for neighbouring buildings. Likewise, energy use and ventilation systems are based on principles of sustainability and energy conservation as frontline medical research requires advanced facilities with significant energy consumption.

Nikolaj Brinkmann is Head of Operations University of Copenhagen Faculty of Health and Medical Sciences.

  • 2000  Bachelor of Technology Management and   Marine Engineering
  • 2016  MBA – Master in Management of Technology
Work Experience:
  • 2000-2002  Superintendant & new building inspector
  • 2002-2003  Lecturer (math & physics)
  • 2003-2005  BMS project leader
  • 2005-2018  Manager – Statens Serum Institut
  • since 2018  Head of Operations

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