Further information & frequently asked questions

Further information & frequently asked questions

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We invite all participants to present their sustainability groups and ideas/projects. We would be happy if you can present both, your sustainability group and ideas/projects, but you can also present only your sustainability group or only ideas/projects.

Presentation of Sustainability Groups

  • Sustainability Groups can be presented by physical or virtual attendance.
  • Power point or pdf slides
  • Aspect ratio 16:9 if possible
  • There is no template
  • 5 min
  • Speakers should present in English if possible, slides can be either English or German. If speakers prefer to present in German, then please make the slides in English
  • Focus on the group itself:
    • members
    • self-organization: structure & meetings
    • integration into the institute
    • visibility inside and outside the institute
    • cooperations with other local initiatives
    • etc.
  • Overview of topics, ideas and projects but these should not be presented in detail. We are happy if you want to present an idea or project in detail, for this please use the poster session (see below).
  • Please upload your presentations into the folder for the group presentations on ownCloud using the conference password. 

Poster session for ideas or projects

  • These presentations should be related to sustainability in science, not research on sustainability topics
  • Format: classical paper posters, A0 portrait
  • Language: Poster should be in English, speakers can present the poster in English or German according to preference or audience
  • Please upload your poster for documentation on ownCloud using the conference password. 



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