Elections of the Steering Committee 2024/2025

Elections of the Steering Committee 2024/2025

Join the next Steering Committee and beocme a leader for sustainability in science!

As stated in the statutes, any member of the Sustainability Network can be a candidate for the Steering Committee (SC).

Becoming a candidate

As stated in our Statues, the Steering Committee and the Advisory Board are elected by the chairs of the local Sustainability Groups at the Annual Conference on 24/25 June 2023. Candidates should apply in advance via the registration form, however spontaneous candidacies are also possible. To make sure that the voters know enough about the candidates to vote, it is requested from the candidates to provide in the form a short biography and statement of motivation.

Voting as a chair

At the time of the election, all chairs will receive a link to an anonymous poll. There, they will be able to find information about all candidates and cast their vote. In accordance with the network's and the MPG's structures, each chair will be assigned one vote for each institute they represent; e.g. a chair representing a Sustainability Group associated to three institutes will vote 3 times. Of course, if one chair was elected per institute for such a Sustainability Group, instead of a single chair for the whole group, then each chair will be assigned a single vote. As mentioned in the statutes, 7 people will be chosen to form the new SC: the candidates with the highest median in each of the three categories (scientist, technical, administrative) as well as the two candidates with the highest remaining scores.
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