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Opening and closing addresses, presentations by invited speakers and sustainability groups, posters, discussion groups, group photo, speed dating, coffee breaks and more!

Virtual participation

  • Most parts of the program are public - join with the public password: Public Zoom Meeting
  • For the virtual coffee breaks we use the new conferencing platform Sci-An - join with the public password: Public Sci-An Conference Room
  • Selected parts of the program are confidential and for colleagues from the MPG only - join with the internal password: Internal Zoom Meeting

You can also simply click on the corresponding links in the schedule below.

The public password will be sent by e-mail to all registered participants. Registered participants affiliated with the MPG will also receive a second password for the internal parts of the meeting.

General chat: You can also meet other participants and discuss in the public Rocket.Chat channel (GWDG account required): #MPSN-Annual-Conference-2023

Help-Desk: You can reach the conference organisers via e-mail or via the Rocket.Chat channel (GWDG account required): #MPSN-Annual-Conference-2023-HelpDesk ​​​

CEST Links  

June 25th



19:00 Offline Meet-up for early arrivals
Beer Garden “Luise”, Königin-Luise-Straße 40 – 42, 14195 Berlin

June 26th



12:00 Offline Welcome & Get-Together, afterwards joint Lunch
06:00 am
13:00 Public Introduction by the Steering Commitee
07:00 am
13:15 Public Opening address
Patrick Cramer, President of the Max Planck Society (virtual)
07:15 am
13:30 Public Presentation of Sustainability Groups
Fritz Haber Institute, Berlin (Sina Ziegler)
MPI for the History of Science, Berlin (Britt Schlünz)
MPI for Infection Biology, Berlin (Christian Denkhaus)
MPI of Molecular Cell Biology and Genetics, Dresden (Yvonne Seidel)
07:30 am
13:45 Public Presentation: Sustainable Computing
Speaker: Jens Saak (MPI for Dynamics of Complex Technical Systems, Magdeburg)
07:45 am
14:15 Public Presentation: Virtual Conferencing
Jacob Isbell (Sci-An: a Start-Up by colleagues from the MPI for Astronomy in Heidelberg)
08:15 am
14:45 Public Group photo (offline at Harnack Haus & online in Sci-An) 08:45 am
15:00 Sci-An Coffee Break
09:00 am
15:30 Public Presentation of Sustainability Groups
MPI for Chemistry, Mainz (Carolina Nelson)
MPI for Polymer Research, Mainz (Markus Klapper)
MPI of Biophysics, Frankfurt (Pamela Ornelas)
MPI for Terrestrial Microbiology, Marburg (Martine Ballinger)
09:30 am
15:45 Public Presentation: Sustainable IT equipment
Fabian Möller, Sophie Röcken & Marek Cwik (Bechtle AG)
19:45 am
16:15 Public Presentation: Device Exchange in the Max Planck Society
Martin Vogel (MPI of Biophysics, Frankfurt)
10:15 am
16:45 Public Speed Dating (online & offline) & Coffee Break
17:15 Public Presentation of Sustainability Groups
MPI for Demographic Research, Rostock (Risto Conte Keivabu)
MPI for Multidisciplinary Sciences, Göttingen (Ulrike Gerischer)
MPI for Physics, Munich (Daniel Britzger)
MPI for Radio Astronomy, Bonn (Eva Schmelmer, virtual)
11:15 am
17:30 Public Report of the Steering Committe
11:30 am
18:00 Internal Presentation of the candidates for the new Steering Committee
12:00 pm
18:15 Internal Start of the elections for the new Steering Committee
12:15 pm
18:30 Internal Sustainability at the Harnack House
Norbert Domke (Harnack House)
12:30 pm
19:15 offline Dinner 
01:15 pm
20:15 Sci-An
Poster Session (Sci-An: just the posters, no presenters9 
02:15 pm

June 27th



09:00 Public Presentation of Sustainability Groups (virtual)
ISTA Institute for Science and Technology, Vienna, Austria (Jeroen Dobbelaere)
MPI of Molecular Physiology, Dortmund (Astrid Krämer)
MPI of Biochemistry, Martinsried (Markus Oster)
MPI for Dynamics of Complex Technical Systems, Magdeburg (Sophia Pistorius)
03:00 am
09:15 Public Greenhouse Gas Emissions & Contribution Claim
Max Hartung (General Administration, MPG, recorded presentation)
03:15 am
09:30 Public Sustainability Construction & Building Management
Hermine Hitzler (General Administration, MPG)
03:30 am
10:00 Public Digital Administration
Corinna Jung (MPI of Biophysics, Frankfurt)
04:00 am
10:30 Sci-An Coffee break
04:30 am
11:00 Public Utilizing Labforward's softwares to drive laboratory sustainability and digitalization
Jenny Giannini (Labfolder)
05:00 am
11:30 Internal Presentation of the Sustainability Scan
Steering Committee
05:30 am
12:10 Public Closing Address
Geraldine Rauch (President of the Technical University Berlin)
06:10 am
13:00 Offline Lunch
07:00 am
14:00 Internal Discussion Groups & Individual Breaks
See the page for Group Discussions for details
08:00 am
15:15 Internal Summary of the Discussion Groups
09:45 am
15:45 Internal Results of the elections
Closing of the conference
09:45 am
16:00   End of the Annual Meeting of the Max Planck Sustainability Network
10:00 am
Evening Offline Optional Social Program
Common dinner, bar tour in Berlin


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