Other nice virtual conferences

Other nice virtual conferences

You could not register for our workshop? That's a pity.... but there are many other online events related to sustainability or science currently going on.

Check out the following list which is completely biased by the scientific profile of the organisers of the Max Planck Sustainability Network Meeting 2020.

And let's keep in mind that, once this pandemic is over, we don't have to fly and emit CO2 in order to communicate in science!

World Wide Neuro

Many dates

Collection of online seminars in the field of neurosciences: www.worldwideneuro.com

neuromatch 2.0

25 - 27 May 2020

A virtual conference on neurosciences hosted by Dan Goodman from Imperial College and Konrad Kording University of Pennsylvenia. They are real virtual conference masters and a role model for our own Max Planck Sustainability Network Meeting. In one of the coffee breaks of their own event, Dan and Konrad might even swing by at our network meeting join our workshop on virtual conferences!

Join the neuromatch conference here: https://neuromatch.io/

SynCell 2020

26 - 28 May 2020

Originally planned to take place in Santa Fe, SynCell 2020 is now organised as a virtual conference by Build-a-Cell network and the Max Planck School Matter to Life: syncell2020.unm.edu

NEURIZONS 2020: Networks grow. Ideas flow

26 - 29 May 2020

9th biennial NEURIZONS2020 Conference - Networks grow-Ideas flow - is organised by the University of Göttingen using crowdcast: www.neurizons.uni-goettingen.de

Webinar "Tap water instead of bottled water"

26 May 14:00 - 16:00

In Germany it is still common to buy water in bottles. Buying water in bottles is not very sustainable: bottles have to be manufactured, transported, end either as waste, in the worst case as ocean plastic, or even if reused, they have to be transported back, recycled or refilled. On the other hand, in Germany and most countries in Europe, water in drinking quality is available from tap. Tap water is the most sustainable beverage - and it is cheap! Why pay for bottled water if you can have it almost for free?

The NGO atip:tap is inviting you to the following webinar: https://atiptap.org/events/umstieg-auf-leitungswasser/

S.O.S - S4F Online Symposium

5/6 June

First conference of the scientific movement for climate action, Scientists For Future: www.scientists4future.org

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