Establishment and Organisation of Sustainability Groups

Establishment and Organisation of Sustainability Groups

Get together - right now! You want to establish a sustainability group at your institute and you want to know how to do it? Discuss with an experienced group founder Jakob Schweizer and with Moritz Hütten who just started a sustainability group at his institute.

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Sustainability groups are the most important structural element of our Max Planck Sustainability Network and they are the obvious way to address aspects of sustainability in your research institute. By forming a group you can exchange opinions, create ideas, join forces. By appearing as a common interest group it is easier to address other colleagues and the institute management. At the same time, establishing a sustainability group can be a great and confusing challenge. You can be confronted by lack of interest by other colleagues and even opposition. There is no gold standard for establishing a sustainability group, there are many different ways and probably each institute requires an individual approach. In this workshop we will discuss different strategies and activities for local sustainability groups. This will include:

  • How can I find partners in crime?
  • How can we make ourselves heard?
  • How can we become more visible?
  • Where shall we start?
  • Are there special events we can organise?
  • What are the possible obstacles

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