Help Desks

Help Desks

We offer two Help Desks: a text chat and a video chat.

If you are looking for the overview for schedules and rooms for both days, you find it in the Entrance Hall.

Help from other participants

If you have only a minor problem or if the Help Desks are not available, you can also ask other participants in the Garden (Rocket.Chat).

Help Desk on Rocket.Chat (Text Chat)

We have a simple text-based Help Desk on Rocket.Chat. In order to use the Rocket.Chat Help Desk you need to be registered with GWDG - see the Prepare for the Meeting Page.

Follow this link to the Rocket.Chat Help Desk.

Help Desk on BigBlueButton (Video Chat)

We also offer support via a video chat using BigBlueButton. Please use this only if you can't resolve your issues using the Rocket.Chat Help Desk above or if you can't use Rocket.Chat. The host at this Help Desk has to give you permission first, before you can enter the Help Desk. This is, because someone else can be already at the Help Desk. So please be patient if you can't enter immediately.

Follow this link to the Help Desk on BigBlueButton. (Link not valid anymore)

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