Prepare for Climate Change of Mind!

Prepare for Climate Change of Mind!

Register for Workshops, submit posters and register for GWDG.

Register for Workshops

You can participate in two workshops and we will try to arrange workshops in such a way that everyones preferences are acknowledged as much as possible. If you don't get a slot in your favourite workshops, don't be sad. We will ask workshop hosts and participants to document the outcome which will be provided through our owncloud. Please let us know your preferences for workshop participations using the following links until Wednesday 20 May:

Workshop registration in English

Workshop-Registrierung auf Deutsch

Poster submission

As on conventional conferences we will also have a poster session and we invite all participants to submit posters in the context of science and sustainability. At our virtual conference, "posters" are not classical A0-paper-based posters but mini-presentations with maximum of 6 slides. Ideally, poster contributions are joint contributions of the sustainability group at your institute. You can simply present your sustainabilitiy group, its members and activities or you can focus on a specific sustainability measure project or research project on sustainability. You can arrange with your local sustainability groups and present either a group contribution or your own poster.

Please submit the poster title until Wednesday 20 May:

Submission form for posters in English

Einreichungsformular für Poster auf Deutsch

Register for GWDG

We have already used digital services of the Gesellschaft für wissenschaftliche Datenverarbeitung (GWDG) in the past in our network and we will use the same tools also during the workshop. If you haven't done so far, please register for GWDG, ownCloud, Rocket.Chat and our Wiki. To do so follow steps 2-5 in the section "First steps" on our wiki:

If you have issues registering for GWDG, please contact directly GWDG support directly:


Phone: +49-(0)551-201-1523

Make yourself familiar with the digital tools of the GWDG

Please watch a recording of our webinar on the tools of the GWDG on Youtube including:

  • BigBlueButton Video Conference Tool
  • (not a GWDG Tool)
  • Registration for GWDG
  • Rocket.Chat
  • ownCloud

Practical Information

Back to basics: internet and food! For technological requirements for your computer and catering check our page for Practical Information


More than 150 participants* have registered for the virtual meeting! The preparations are now in full swing and we would like to ask you for some helping hands. We need some volunteers to help us at the virtual registration and helpdesks, as well as some volunteers for a test run before the conference (see next item). If you want to help in any way, please contact us:

Further Questions?

Contact the Green Team of the MPI CBS and the organisation team "on site":

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