GES 1point5, an open-source tool to assess the carbon footprint of research

03 June 2021 5pm - MPSN Web Seminar with Odile Blanchard and Jérôme Mariette

03 June 2021 | Time: 5:00 pm | virtual | Web Seminar | English with automized translation into your language (detailed instructions here)

Recorded version of the web seminar

Recorded version of the web seminar



Odile Blanchard, Associate Professor of economics, Université Grenoble Alpes, Grenoble, France
Jérôme Mariette, Engineer in bioinformatics and biostatistics, INRAe, Toulouse, France

 We will present the web application GES 1point5 designed to estimate the carbon footprint of research activities along a standardized and transparent protocol at the scale of research labs. GES 1point5 thus helps the labs to design and monitor emission reduction options. 

Furthermore, as GES 1point5 stores the data collected from all the research labs that use the application, it aims at estimating the carbon footprint of the research sector in France at a macroscopic level.
GES point5 is currently customized to the French research system. But it can operate in any research center in the world with minor adjustments. We expect that international developments of GES 1point5 will contribute to establishing a global understanding of the drivers of the research carbon footprint worldwide and the levers to decrease it.

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