Tap water as drinking water instead of bottled water

Tap water as drinking water instead of bottled water

06 August 2020 with Maria Kondra of atip:tap e.V.

06 August 2020 | Time: 10:30 | virtual | Web Seminar | German with automized English translation

Video recording: owncloud

Speaker: Maria Kondra, atip:tap e. V.

It is quite common to drink water which is filled and sold in bottles. However, bottled water has a large environmental impact: energy consumption and CO2 emissions for transportation and eventually also plastic waste. On the other hand, in Germany as in many other countries, tap water has drinking water quality - and it is cheaper. So, why not drink tap water instead of commercial bottled water? This is question is also of interest when it comes to our institute canteens. We would like to discuss with you environmental benefits of tap water and its potential promotion in Max Planck Institutes. For this we have invited Maria Kondra of atip:tap.

atip:tap e.V. (a tip: tap water) is a german non-profit organization that is advocating for drinking tap water to reduce the immense plastic waste pollution, induced by packaged water. With the nationwide project called “Wasserwende” https://atiptap.org/projekte/wasserwende/ , funded by the Federal Ministry of Environment as part of the German National Climate Protection Initiative. a tip: tap is involved in 13 water-quarters across Germany, doing educational and advisory work. Among many other things, they advice different types of organizations to switch to tap water by giving practical tips and promoting health benefits.  

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For your inspiration on tap water watch the following video: German tap water in Évian

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