Party in da Harnack House!

Party in da Harnack House!

Let's fight climate change and celebrate change of mind.

We are scientists and scientists do experiments... so here is another expirement. For the social event we use a new video-chat software called

Choose one of the following party locations in the virtual Harnack-House and click on the respective links

  1. Enter your full name
  2. Activate sound, microphone and webcam
  3. All colleagues in the respective room appear as a small bubbles. You can move your own bubble with the mouse.
  4. You can only hear the people you are close to. This way we can form several small groups and people can move around between groups to chat.
  5. Zoom out (normally ctrl - or scrolling on the mouse) to enlarge the view of the room
  6. Zoom in (normall ctrl+ or scrolling on the mouse) to focus on a specific person
  7. Drag the room (click with the mouse on the background image and move around) to check out other corners
  8. Do you see and hear the band or the DJ playing?

Live Band in the Planck Lobby of the Harnack-House

Terrace of the Harnack-House

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