Retreat of the Steering Committee 2021

October 23, 2021

Max Planck has spent his yearly vacation at the Grundner at Tegernsee from 1885 to 1943 - which is where the current Steering Committee of the Max Planck Sustainability Network has gone on retreat now!

We have worked on multiple subjects: Main task was the elaboration of a concept for a "Sustainability Matrix" (SuMa). The idea is to establish an overview of the implementation of sustainability measures defined in CaRe in the various institutes. Furthermore, we started to plan the annual network meeting for 2022, restructured our homepage (have you noticed?), and discussed topics you have asked us to address. In between, we discussed aspects of sustainability in science during hikes through the amazing nature around the lake. By the way, the Max Planck Foundation offers this beautiful venue at Tegernsee steeped in history to all Max Planck members for retreats, small group meetings etc.

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