Become the Local Chair of your institute!

As stated in the Statutes Appendix 1 the Steering Committee provides a Best Practise for how to elect the Local Chair of the Sustainablity Group.

Please communicate your Local Chair alongside with how the person got elected and a contact email address to

Election of the Local Chairs – Best Practice Recommendation

The election as Chair of a local Sustainability Group should be open to all MPG-affiliated individuals as defined in § 4 - with the restriction of affiliation to the MPIs participating in the Sustainability Group. Accordingly, the call for candidates should be publicly accessible in writing to all members affiliated to the MPIs involved in the election at least two weeks before the election, with the announcement of the time and place of the election and a contact with the election management. This can be done by posting a notice at a central location or by e-mail. The candidacy should be possible for a period of at least three working days.

The election can be casted electronically or analogously. In any case, the election should be conducted anonymously. The legal and MPG-internal data protection regulations must be complied with. If necessary, the Steering Committee or the Working Group “Elections & Research” can be contacted for support.

MPG Members who are affiliated to several MPIs should decide at which MPI they wish to be eligible to vote before the election. The election of the Local Chairs of different MPIs can take place in the same ballot.

The election should be prepared and carried out by a committee consisting of at least two people which are not themselves eligible for election. The committee has the task of ensuring the legitimacy as well as the documentation of the election and forwarding the results to the Working Group “Elections & Research”. The results should include the following data:

  • Names of the election committee

  • Name(s) of the newly elected Local Chair(s)

  • Assurance of the legitimacy of the election by the election committee

  • Start of term of office for the Local Chairs (Term of office: 1 calendar year starting from acceptance of the election)

  • Acceptance of the election by the newly elected Local Chair(s)

If a Local Chair leaves office prematurely, a new election shall be held. This is also the case if a Local Chair loses the status as MPG-affiliated individual as defined in § 4 or leaves the represented MPI for more than 4 months.

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